NY State Employee FAQs


What type of COVID test is utilized?  

It is a saliva PCR test.  The employee fills the tube with approximately 1-2 teaspoons worth of saliva (10 ml), seals the tube, inserts the tube into a biohazard bag, and places the bag into the specimen collection box.

Are there any state employee ID verification requirements?

State employees need to provide government issued photo ID to register.

Is my DNA being tested?

No, this test is only looking for the SARS CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.


Where do I register? Do I have to register every time I need to get tested?

NY State employees can register by going to Wellstand’s website www.wellstandhealth.com/nystesting.  The QR code provided upon initial registration may be used every time an employee is tested. 

How do I bring my QR code to the pharmacy?

QR codes are provided upon completion of registration via text/email.  QR codes can be printed or provided to the pharmacy on your phone. 

How do I find a pharmacy near me? Will new pharmacies be added?

NY State Employees can find participating pharmacies by going to www.wellstandhealth.com/nystesting. Please check back often as we are frequently adding more participating pharmacies.

What if I forget to register before going to the pharmacy?

The pharmacy can provide a link to register at the pharmacy. 

What if I forget my QR code received upon registration?

The pharmacy does not have the ability to look up an employee QR code. The employee will be required to re-register at the pharmacy. 


How do I get my results?

You will receive alerts to the email and/or phone number associated with your account when your results are ready to be viewed. You can also check your Rymedi portal at any time for status and results.

When can I expect my test results?    

Your results will be ready to be viewed within 24-48 hours after being received by the lab.

What do I do if I don’t receive my results in 24-48 hours?

If it has been over 48 hrs research patient in Rymedi, if patient test has been resulted, resend result report.  

If it has been over 48 hours and the patient test has not been resulted, email support at wellstandnytesting@support.com. 

If it has not been 48 hrs, inform the employee of the 24-48 hour window for samples to be resulted by the lab. 

What do I do if I have a positive test result?    

Please follow your organization's policy related to COVID-19 testing results. The CDC also offers guidelines regarding how to respond to positive COVID-19 test results, available here.

What do I do if I had an invalid, indeterminate, or rejected result?    

Please follow your organization's policy related to COVID-19 testing results. You may need to go to the pharmacy, collect a sample, and have the test run again.

If you have any further questions, please contact wellstandNYtesting@sitelabsglobal.com or 828-202-7998.