Aygnda Business Hours Issue

My business hours are listed in Sitelabs Scheduling as 9 to 4:30 but we keep getting patients that are able to sign up outside of this range?

Each Location has the flexibility to define 'custom' work schedules for the testing and vaccination stations and the services if they want to book appts outside of their business schedule.

Check each of your stations to verify that none of them have custom schedule which includes hours outside of your business schedule.

Aygnda Resend Receipt

Patient would like for the pharmacy to resend a receipt.

Begin by editing the appointment from the Calendar, Dashboard, or Customer History to open the Appointment details page.

On this page, under the More button (see below), select the option to View Invoice/Receipt.

On the Invoice/Receipt page, you have buttons at the top to Print, Email, Text, or Download the receipt. If you choose Email or Text, it will prompt you for the email address or phone number. You can also enter a message to put in the email to the patient.

Agynda Issue Refund

Customer was double billed or otherwise needs a refund.

First go to the transaction and click " enter refund".

Then change status of the booking to Canceled for the extra appointment that is refunded.

Agynda Issue Discount

We offer our employees and their family members special pricing when they need a COVID test. What would be the best way to schedule our employees wife for a COVID test but only charge her $50?

1. Have the pharmacy book the appointment. 

2. Change the price on the service to $50 by clicking on the service on the appointment and changing the price.

3. Email the receipt to the family member.  The invoice will have a pay now link on the receipt.

4. Have the family member pay the invoice.

Agynda Rymedi Consent Form is Not Displaying for New Location

The Rymedi consent form is not displaying for end customers for a new location setup.

Go into Business Setup and ensure that the address fields have been filled.

Agynda End Scheduling Avalibility for a Specific Service in the Future

A specific service at a specific location needs to be turned off as of a future date.  For example, a vaccination station is closing down on the 24th.

1. On the 'Staff' record for the vaccination station, edit the Staff record and for the business location, change it to say uses Custom Work Schedule.   Enter the normal hours you are doing vaccinations until the 24th.  

2. Click View Schedule on Calendar.

3. Create a Recurring Closing that is Daily starting on the 24th.  

4. After the 24th, you can edit the Vaccine Services and remove the business location from the list of locations that use the service.

Agynda Transfer Appointment To A Different Location

Steps to create an appointment at the new location and to transfer the funds from one location to another:

1. Cancel the existing appointment for the customer at the initial location.   This step will leave an open credit balance for the customer.

2. Create a new appointment for the customer at the new location.  Click on Payments and Enter New Payment.  A box will show at the top of screen:

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Click View Open Balances to show the credit balance and transfer it to this appointment.

3. You will have to account for the transfer of actual income from the old location to the new in your accounting system.

4. For Rymedi -->  Reach out to Rymedi technical support to have the location shifted