Rymedi Find A Pharmacies CLIA

Go to https://qcor.cms.gov/main.jsp

Click on the CLIA Laboratory Lookup in the top left corner

Rymedi Patient Arrives Without QR Code

Patient arrives without or has forgets QR code.

If patient can’t find the SMS or email from Rymedi on their phone, HCP-Senior level can locate patient in ‘Patient Info’, choose ‘RESEND QR CODE’ at the bottom of their record, or copy QR code # and paste after initiating test.

Rymedi Mislabeled Test

We made a mistake and scanned the QR code for one of the rapid test instead of the PCR test QR. I removed the QR sticker from the rapid test (which was not used) and placed it directly over the vial QR code. Are we going to run into any issues because of this? 

The best thing is to remove the antigen sticker (if possible) and initiate a new test using the PCR code on the vial (and copying the patients QR code from under 'patient info').  The antigen test under that patient will ultimately age-out and not be an issue.

If the QR code is not removable without messing up the original code, you can place a new PCR code over the antigen code.

The accidentally initiated tests that do not end up resulted will expire every 30 days. 

Rymedi Patient Hasn’t Received Or Lost Their Results

Patient hasn’t received or lost their results.

HCP-Senior level can find the status of the test and resend completed results from ‘Patient Info’ then ‘Test History’

Then ensure that you have selected the appropriate test before you click  "Resend Results Report"

Other causes can be:

Customer information is wrong

Pharmacy did not enter test properly 

Test did not make it Premier

Test did not get processed or entered properly