The CLIA Audit list will show  

tests pending to be reviewed.  

If the list is empty then there  

are no tests to be reviewed.

Note – The CLIA Audit must  

be performed by the senior  

pharmacist or senior health  

care provider and it must be a  

different individual from the  

person who interpreted the  

test results. 

1) Begin - To begin the CLIA  

Audit click the CLIA Audit  

option under Test Suite. 

2) Search - The search or  

filter features can be used  

to find a specific Test Kit  


3) Verify - that the Test Results in the system match the test results  visible in the Download file. 

4) Results - If the results match then check the box next to Accept. If the  results do not match then select the Reject box and note that the  customer will need to be retested. 

- A reject and resend to the tester option is coming soon. 

5) Save - To save the record, click the Save button. 

Note: A rejected CLIA Review test is recorded as rejected and its positive  or negative test result won’t be included in the overall test results.