There are many different options for placing your SiteLabs Direct link. It is ultimately up to you to decide where to put it, but we’ll lay out the best options in this article. 

If you’d like a complimentary session with one of our developers to help you install the link, you can schedule an appointment here.

Option #1 adding a Menu Item

If you are using Wordpress for your website, you can go to your /wp-admin/ (admin dashboard) and click “appearance” on the left side of the menu and select “menus”.

Once you are in the menu editor, make sure that you have your primary menu selected. Under “Add Menu items” Select “Custom Links”, then you can insert your [yourdomain] link. This link was provided to you when you signed up. To make this menu item a submenu item you can drag it underneath another item in the menu. 

The next two options require some custom development or can be added with your theme options in Wordpress. Since every site is different, these options will require a development session with one of our developers. 

Option # 2 Informational Banner

Option #3 Button above Menu